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Agricultural Fencing
Stock Fence
Post & Wire
Post & Rail
  • Type:   Stock Fencing
  • Height:   800mm to 1.90m
  • Material:   Galvanised wire mesh, pressure treated softwood
  • Specification:   Purpose-specific mesh secured to driven wooden posts
  • Options:   Mesh types, alternative posts & barbed wire topped
  • Use:   To enclose stock such as pigs, through to full-height deer barrier
  • Type:   Post & Wire Fencing
  • Height:   Usually 900mm to 1.20m
  • Material:   Galvanised wire & pressure treated softwood
  • Specification:   Multiple lines of plain or barbed wire upon driven wooden stakes
  • Options:   Plain or barbed wire, alternative posts (size or type)
  • Use:   Basic agricultural fencing to demarkate a boundary or retain stock
  • Type:   Post & Rail Fencing
  • Height:   900mm to 1.50m
  • Material:   Sawn softwood. All timbers pressure treated
  • Specification:   Multiple rectangular rails, face-fixed or morticed into timber posts
  • Options:   Nailed or morticed rails, alternative rails & posts, stock fence clad
  • Use:   To demarkate a field boundary and retain stock through to horses
Please find listed below some of the most common agricultural fencing types available today. These examples will hopefully guide you in respect to identifying the ideal type for your needs, from which we can readily vary the specification and style to suit your specific requirements. The fencing variants available are virtually unlimited, thus if you cannot find what you're looking for we're always happy to quote for a bespoke project.   
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