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Commercial Fencing
Weld Mesh
Steel Palisade
  • Type:   Chain-Link Fencing
  • Height:   900mm to 3.60m
  • Material:   Galvanised knitted wire mesh, plain or plastic coated
  • Specification:   Chain-link upon angle-iron intermediates & straining posts
  • Options:   Green or black plastic coated mesh, alternative post types
  • Use:   To demarkate a boundary, security purposes or as a sporting enclosure
  • Type:   Weld Mesh Fencing
  • Height:   Systems from below 1.0m up to 5.0m
  • Material:   Galvanised wire, factory-welded at horizontal & vertical joints
  • Specification:   Mesh, often in panel form, secured to rolled hollow section posts
  • Options:   Wide variety of systems, styles and colours. Alternative post types
  • Use:   Suited for higher-grade use for schools, industrial estates & retail parks
  • Type:   Steel Palisade Fencing
  • Height:   Commonly 1.80m, 2.0m, 2.10m, 2.40m & 3.0m
  • Material:   Galvanised or powder-coated steel
  • Specification:   Triple-pointed 'W' pales bolted to angle rails upon RHS posts
  • Options:   Powder-coated colour choice, alternative pales and posts
  • Use:   To secure commercial property and act as a visible deterrent
  • Type:   Acoustic Barrier Fencing
  • Height:   2.0m up to 6.0m systems
  • Material:   Commonly sawn softwood. All timbers pressure treated
  • Specification:   Solid, double boarded & spaced to create a textured face
  • Options:   Variety of systems, cladding styles, insulation and post types
  • Use:   To deflect and baffle primarily road noise away from a residential area
Please find listed below some of the most common commercial fencing types available today. These examples will hopefully guide you in respect to identifying the ideal type for your needs, from which we can readily vary the specification and style to suit your specific requirements. The fencing variants available are virtually unlimited, thus if you cannot find what you're looking for we're always happy to quote for a bespoke project.   
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