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Temporary Fencing
Site Hoarding
Contractors Panels
Chestnut Pale
  • Type:   Site Hoarding
  • Height:   2.40m
  • Material:   Plywood and softwood. All timbers untreated
  • Specification:   12mm Plywood upon 100x50mm rails & 100x100mm posts
  • Options:   Fascia, skirting, cover strips and painting
  • Use:   To robustly shield and secure exposed site boundaries
  • Type:   Contractors Panel Fencing
  • Height:   2.00m
  • Material:   Galvanised steel
  • Specification:   3.50m Tubular framed welmesh clad panels upon support feet
  • Options:   Standard or anti-climb panels. Plastic or concrete feet
  • Use:   A quick-install,  short-term solution to deter unwanted access
  • Type:   Chestnut Pale Fencing
  • Height:   3', 3'6, 4', 4'6, 5' & 6'
  • Material:   Cleft Chestnut, untreated & peeled. Galvanised wire
  • Specification:   Cleft pales vertically spaced, secured with 2 or 3 rows of wiring
  • Options:   Can be fixed to round/half-round driven wooden stakes or a framing
  • Use:   Multi-use, for tree protection or to create a rustic rural boundary
  • Type:   Defender Barrier Fencing
  • Height:   1.00m
  • Material:   Extruded polypropylene mesh
  • Specification:   Lightweight plastic mesh commonly threaded onto road pins
  • Options:   Colour choice (orange is standard), alternative post types
  • Use:   A basic barrier to indicate an area of restricted working or protection
Please find listed below some of the most common temporary fencing types available today. These examples will hopefully guide you in respect to identifying the ideal type for your needs, from which we can readily vary the specification and style to suit your specific requirements. The fencing variants available are virtually unlimited, thus if you cannot find what you're looking for we're always happy to quote for a bespoke project.   
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